The ever-circling specter of Elon’s children. The beige. Middle-class housing clustered like teeth in a robotic maw. The beige. The ever present hum of the sprinklers. The beige. Sometimes your skateboard feels like the only real thing in this place.

With the help of your board, escape the horrors of procedurally-generated Orange County. Or try to.
It’s only a matter of time.

Movement: WASD
Camera: mouse

Made By:

Nicholas Brancaccio @pastasfuture
Rachel Hwang @backronyms
Nick Grayson @TheTechnoWizard


Orange 41 MB


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This is super cool


Ey, I've included your game in my latest video! Skip to 6:55 to see me play your game! Cheers!


OC represent!



Thanks for playing!

Thank you for making the game.