The ever-circling specter of Elon’s children. The beige. Middle-class housing clustered like teeth in a robotic maw. The beige. The ever present hum of the sprinklers. The beige. Sometimes your skateboard feels like the only real thing in this place.

With the help of your board, escape the horrors of procedurally-generated Orange County. Or try to.
It’s only a matter of time.

Movement: WASD
Camera Look: Mouse Move
Toggle Skate | Walk: Shift
Ollie: Space
Grind: Hold Space (While in the air)

Made By:

Nicholas Brancaccio @pastasfuture
Rachel Hwang @backronyms
Nick Grayson @TheTechnoWizard


Download 51 MB

Development log


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The controls were a little awkward at first but after you figured out how to play it wasnt too hard. Maybe add a note at the beginning as to what the goal is. At first I thought I was collecting snacks just to add points and didnt see them as a main objective.


This is awesome, especially becuase you could fit all this into a Web game! I love it.

i managed to clip into a building by skating into it

Thanks for the heads up - that's largely fixed in the next update I'm planning to release in another week or so.

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I really enjoyed this game! It was very unique aswell, here is me playing it.

Hey thanks for playing! To answer your question about procedural generation - the level was procedurally generated once and saved - it does not regenerate every time you play (yet...)

it doesn't work for me,when i click enter it shows the loading screen then it crashes with the icon of the game and loading bar. does anyone have this issue?

Ouch, sorry about that - I have not heard of any crashes yet - what are your system specs? And would you mind posting the log file so I can diagnose? It should be under:

C:\Users\username\AppData\LocalLow\No\Orange County\Player.log


I had a lot of fun playing this game on the HauntedPS1 Demo Disc and replayed it multiple times. I can even complete it just over one minute.

Love the atmosphere and the shock when you get hit by a car. I just wish the vending machine locations were random.


Very unique, loved the overall atmosphere. I was unsure of what to do until I eventually got hit by a car. I have a spot in my heart for old Tony Hawk games and I'm a punk when it comes to horror games so this is a great way to get me into the genre lol. Well done everyone


Great atmosphere.  It's a pretty chill game.  I kinda wish there was a little bit more to do in it, though.  That said, its still a great game/proof of concept/demo.


Unique game, I enjoyed skating my way to death lmao.

I got hit by a car ∙:)


I wish there were more skateboard horror games, after this I'm craving for some more





This is super cool


Ey, I've included your game in my latest video! Skip to 6:55 to see me play your game! Cheers!


OC represent!



Thanks for playing!

Thank you for making the game.