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how many rooms are there?

Just 2. It was a mood piece / experiment jam game

oh okay. Thanks for letting me know


I absolutely adore this atmosphere. Looks like the start of something great! 

I really liked the mechanics for looking around, I can see this being used very well in a puzzle game.


Cool experience. I loved the visual effects (I assume this was with the HPS1RP) and how you played with the concept of what the camera was when using fixed camera angles.

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Thanks! Really glad you liked it. And yep I'm using the HPSXRP - this was a good test project for it. Helped me prove out a bunch of new features like baked lighting.


B O O B T U B E.


sounds disgusting


I like that you have to keep experimenting to find where the character is, how to move them and how to change the perspective. But like everyone else I can't see any way past the second room.

Thanks. Yeah, this was created as an experiment for a 2 day game jam, so we only have the two rooms currently, and not a lot of mechanical depth to the game yet. We are actively working on this project though, so be sure to check back soon for updates.


Well I made it to the second room! Can't find much past that


No me funciona(Does not work) for me.


Your character is sitting on top of the bed and looks like Edna from the Incredibles! I figured that out after a while.


I dont get it.

Good game dev but needs some work , i hope you enjoy my gameplay :) it's the 2nd one 

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Try WASD / Arrow Keys