A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

You enter an apartment building.
You do not know your neighbors.

Install instructions

gray water is a command line game.
Currently, launching command line programs directly through the Itch.io application is only supported on Windows.
For Linux, please follow Manual Install and Run: Linux instructions below. 

Manual Install and Run:
        1) Download and extract graywater-win.zip file to your preferred install directory.

        2) Double click "graywater.exe" to run game.

        1) Download and extract graywater-linux.zip to your preferred install directory.

        2) Double click "graywater" to run game.
             If prompted, choose "Run in terminal".

Have fun:
Play game by typing commands and pressing enter to execute them.
         i.e: typing "quit" and pressing enter will quit the game.


graywater-win.zip 85 kB
graywater-linux.zip 41 kB